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2001-08-01 01:51 pm

Growling tummy

Ridiculously hungry - so what's new. Fortunately it's lunchtime and I have nice food.

Have killed chunk of my Minutes. Think I have done most of other stuff I am supposed to do .

Getting excited about course, but hunger is making me worry about provision of f-o-o-o-d on the course. Maybe the pizza reopened the floodgates after my relative weeks of abstinence from all things greasy and yummy.

Must get a grip/life!
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2001-08-01 10:12 am

Onsdag - All Hail to Wotan!

At last I have come across someone more rattled by rapidly aging than myself - it all adds up now... Maybe I shall achieve more than her by her age... Maybe I shouldn't bet on it! At least I can empathise.

Did nothing last night. Lou is still mysteriously incommunicado. Adrain on hols in Crete. Called Mitch for about 10 minutes. Apart from that it was an orgy of eating a pizza, watching TV, reading Hans Christian Andersen (as you do) and then subsequently dropping off in front of the TV in true geriatric style. Having said that I am still broke and I was exceptionally tired and have to rest up for tomorrow's travails.

Fat chance! Lots of work. Need to work out what my presentation will be on still (something which people can basically understand and can therefore lead to a discussion).

Talking of fat, I read this piece in the paper about Nigerian women being sent to special compounds to be fattened up to colossal proportions in order to make them sexually attractive to Nigerian men. I may have found my niche, especially after the pizza performance last night. I could clean up! Having said that, I don't really fancy being infibulated nor yet being entirely at the mercy of some man's whims and rages. It's still a nice thought, though.
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2001-07-31 10:11 am

Oh what a luvverly Tuesday...

At least I hope that it might be! It's certainly going to be busy - damn busy. At least the temperature seems to have gone down a little ( a nice breeze this morning after an extraordinarily boiling night) and it looks like there might be a nice electrical storm to clear everything away soon (although the Barnet Barometer [TM] doesn't appear to think so).

Met Lydia
last night. She had been in London to visit an agency to get her some legal work and she gave me a call, so we met up in O'Neill's at Kings Cross (I know, I know - but it's hard to think of places just off the top of your head sometimes!) and had a few pints, which was nice. I hope the jobsearch worls out for her - she seems so much more happy! Had a small panic when I thought that my cashcard had been nicked/lost and then I found it again (phew!).

Mitchables got in on time and gave me a quick call from heathrow at 2030. It should have been easy and quick to get from Kings X to Paddington, but someoone had gone under a train at GPS (one almost never hears who) so I had to take a wild detour instead, but Mitch was till only waiting for about 2 minutes for me!

Once we got back we went for a quick pint in 'The Coast' where we could talk a bit of crap and then went home for some soup and to watch 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'. Weren't we good?!

Mitch showed me some presents that Lars had made for him - a specially-burned CD full of 'their songs' (I am getting suspicious!) and an album of photos from Mitch's 'Official Farewell Party', wittily captioned (I should do a slide show!). It's quite sad for Mitch having left so many good friends behind, but life has to move on. Additionally, we are seeing his Odense friend Barnard on Sunday anyway and I am fairly certain that loads of the Danish Connection will find their way to either London or Paris as a matter of inevitability!

Mitch is off to Southampton today, just until Friday, so that he can see his folks, although he has some corrections to make to an article (the first biggie was accepted by LMS as well!) so I don't know how much they will see him!

I have about a million different things to do, all revolving around the Omphalos of a Grievance Hearing later this morning (this means lots of typing up after a morning of sheer concentration for me, but is all grist for the mill) and the fact that I am off for 2 days at the end of this week (for a course).

Ho hum! Off again!
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2001-07-30 10:47 am

Monday, Monday!

Monday morning! Wahey! Woohoo!

Well, it's Monday evening that I am looking forward to really, as Mitch is coming back from Denmark today and is due back into Heathrow at about 2030. This technically means that I get to meet him in Paddington at about 2130, subject to baggage collection, whether they find the whole laks up his bum etc.etc., but I am looking forward to having him back for a little while at least.

It is quite sad for him as he has had a cracking year in Odense and made lots of really good friends (so good that he elected not to go to Aarhus for the summer as originally planned). But Denmark is not so very far away and I know they'll keep in touch. In fact, at least one of said friends is coming over to London in August and another is making definite attempts in that direction. I know that he is going to love Paris anyway (he goes in September) and everybody's life needs a new chapter from time to time...

Very homebody-style weekend, mostly because I am stoney, but also because it has been so blooming hot! According to the radio, it was 32 degrees Celsius yesterday, hotter than Hawaii was. And when I say hot, I mean have about 10 showers a day and as soon as you are dried and clothed, however lightly, your clothes are sticking to you again - that type of hot! So hot I couldn't be arsed to walk along to the Brockwell Park Lido where all sensible people surely were (give or take 50 excited schoolchildren released for les grands vacances!)! So hot that I feel I must have consumed a small spring over the last 48 hours and sweated every last drop of it out. Still, hear me bitch when we are deep midwinter and I am c-o-o-o-o-old! I guess this means that I shall be floating around in little dresses again and guzzling more water than ever, which are both good things (well, considering that I work with a fair few blind people, who am I really hurting?!).

Apart from that, Adrian phoned and spread the glad tidings that he is off to Crete for 2 weeks. I felt obliged to remind him that BBC2 are showing a programme this week about the fall of the Minoan Civilisation and its descent into cannabalism and anthropophagy, parents upon children. he has promised to run like mad if his folks start acting strangely!

Gary also called. He is off to Cornell on 21st August, which is brilliant for him and bittersweet for us. He should be meeting up with a lot of us in Oxford and/or London in a couple of weeks, which will be good.

And last but not least, two very good friends of mine Rob Pugh and Anna Kirsten Nygaard were married on Saturday in Bergen! I cannot wait to congratulate them personally, see the photos, hear all about it etc. I know that they love each other very much and will have an excellent, happy, productive and interesting life together as a result of this and because they are both such sterling individuals.

Right! Frenetically busy day and busy week coming up, so it's over and out until I next feel the urge to write an entry!
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2001-07-27 02:09 pm

Thank Crunchie...

Ah! At last!

Well, I am the only person in my team who is in work today and I already had far too much to do (or at least an uncomfortably vast amount to do) as it was. H being somewhat painful as per. So at last I have been able to take a lunch break. On principle!

What have I done in the last week or so of note? Not much really.

Last Friday I went out with Lynn, ostensibly for 1 or 2 pints which turned into... more than that! Having said that I left the pub, happily tiddly and having talked a pleasing amount of crap with the genial company, at 10:30pm (very sensible) and should have been home by 11pm at the very latest.

Wrong! As the tube pulled into Stockwell, we were told that as there was an emergency at Brixton Station so we would be terminating at Stockwell. Oops!

An hour later, having been rained on and read my newspaper about 6 times I discovered that no buses were going in my direction at all that night, so I ended up getting one to Elephant and Castle (miles away) and then getting one into Camberwell. I found there that no buses were going down Coldharbour Lane at all that night and ended up walking back. I finally reached home at 1:15am!

It turned out that there had been a demonstration in Brixton about the police having shot dead a man in the Angell Town Estate 2 days before, a very tricky case. Some youths had used this as an opportunity to have a bit of a rampage. I say 'used this as an excuse' as when I went into Brixton the next day the only signs of damage that I could see were 2 broken shop windows - one was the 'Box Clever' window of Morleys and the other was 'Foot Locker'. Perhaps then the motives for a bit of anarchy were *not* that political, unless expensive trainers and TVs need liberating especially in themselves.

Just working for the rest of the week. Mitch is coming on Monday night and I am fairly broke so I shall be saving up what I do have to play with him. I also have a residential course at the end of next week (which is all a bit exciting) and will need some money for the evening we are staying. Hmmm!
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2001-07-26 05:44 pm

(no subject)

Another posting as an experiment. Supposed to be working. Lots to do and lots more to come
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2001-06-27 05:33 pm


Here is my statutory first journal entry. I can't promise to put too much in here, but I shall whenever I do anything interesting...