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At least I hope that it might be! It's certainly going to be busy - damn busy. At least the temperature seems to have gone down a little ( a nice breeze this morning after an extraordinarily boiling night) and it looks like there might be a nice electrical storm to clear everything away soon (although the Barnet Barometer [TM] doesn't appear to think so).

Met Lydia
last night. She had been in London to visit an agency to get her some legal work and she gave me a call, so we met up in O'Neill's at Kings Cross (I know, I know - but it's hard to think of places just off the top of your head sometimes!) and had a few pints, which was nice. I hope the jobsearch worls out for her - she seems so much more happy! Had a small panic when I thought that my cashcard had been nicked/lost and then I found it again (phew!).

Mitchables got in on time and gave me a quick call from heathrow at 2030. It should have been easy and quick to get from Kings X to Paddington, but someoone had gone under a train at GPS (one almost never hears who) so I had to take a wild detour instead, but Mitch was till only waiting for about 2 minutes for me!

Once we got back we went for a quick pint in 'The Coast' where we could talk a bit of crap and then went home for some soup and to watch 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'. Weren't we good?!

Mitch showed me some presents that Lars had made for him - a specially-burned CD full of 'their songs' (I am getting suspicious!) and an album of photos from Mitch's 'Official Farewell Party', wittily captioned (I should do a slide show!). It's quite sad for Mitch having left so many good friends behind, but life has to move on. Additionally, we are seeing his Odense friend Barnard on Sunday anyway and I am fairly certain that loads of the Danish Connection will find their way to either London or Paris as a matter of inevitability!

Mitch is off to Southampton today, just until Friday, so that he can see his folks, although he has some corrections to make to an article (the first biggie was accepted by LMS as well!) so I don't know how much they will see him!

I have about a million different things to do, all revolving around the Omphalos of a Grievance Hearing later this morning (this means lots of typing up after a morning of sheer concentration for me, but is all grist for the mill) and the fact that I am off for 2 days at the end of this week (for a course).

Ho hum! Off again!


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