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Ah! At last!

Well, I am the only person in my team who is in work today and I already had far too much to do (or at least an uncomfortably vast amount to do) as it was. H being somewhat painful as per. So at last I have been able to take a lunch break. On principle!

What have I done in the last week or so of note? Not much really.

Last Friday I went out with Lynn, ostensibly for 1 or 2 pints which turned into... more than that! Having said that I left the pub, happily tiddly and having talked a pleasing amount of crap with the genial company, at 10:30pm (very sensible) and should have been home by 11pm at the very latest.

Wrong! As the tube pulled into Stockwell, we were told that as there was an emergency at Brixton Station so we would be terminating at Stockwell. Oops!

An hour later, having been rained on and read my newspaper about 6 times I discovered that no buses were going in my direction at all that night, so I ended up getting one to Elephant and Castle (miles away) and then getting one into Camberwell. I found there that no buses were going down Coldharbour Lane at all that night and ended up walking back. I finally reached home at 1:15am!

It turned out that there had been a demonstration in Brixton about the police having shot dead a man in the Angell Town Estate 2 days before, a very tricky case. Some youths had used this as an opportunity to have a bit of a rampage. I say 'used this as an excuse' as when I went into Brixton the next day the only signs of damage that I could see were 2 broken shop windows - one was the 'Box Clever' window of Morleys and the other was 'Foot Locker'. Perhaps then the motives for a bit of anarchy were *not* that political, unless expensive trainers and TVs need liberating especially in themselves.

Just working for the rest of the week. Mitch is coming on Monday night and I am fairly broke so I shall be saving up what I do have to play with him. I also have a residential course at the end of next week (which is all a bit exciting) and will need some money for the evening we are staying. Hmmm!


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