Aug. 1st, 2001

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At last I have come across someone more rattled by rapidly aging than myself - it all adds up now... Maybe I shall achieve more than her by her age... Maybe I shouldn't bet on it! At least I can empathise.

Did nothing last night. Lou is still mysteriously incommunicado. Adrain on hols in Crete. Called Mitch for about 10 minutes. Apart from that it was an orgy of eating a pizza, watching TV, reading Hans Christian Andersen (as you do) and then subsequently dropping off in front of the TV in true geriatric style. Having said that I am still broke and I was exceptionally tired and have to rest up for tomorrow's travails.

Fat chance! Lots of work. Need to work out what my presentation will be on still (something which people can basically understand and can therefore lead to a discussion).

Talking of fat, I read this piece in the paper about Nigerian women being sent to special compounds to be fattened up to colossal proportions in order to make them sexually attractive to Nigerian men. I may have found my niche, especially after the pizza performance last night. I could clean up! Having said that, I don't really fancy being infibulated nor yet being entirely at the mercy of some man's whims and rages. It's still a nice thought, though.
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Ridiculously hungry - so what's new. Fortunately it's lunchtime and I have nice food.

Have killed chunk of my Minutes. Think I have done most of other stuff I am supposed to do .

Getting excited about course, but hunger is making me worry about provision of f-o-o-o-d on the course. Maybe the pizza reopened the floodgates after my relative weeks of abstinence from all things greasy and yummy.

Must get a grip/life!


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