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Birthdate:Nov 14
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Marjory Digest

1. Yes, that is my name. And I've heard all of the jokes. I hope! Really.
2. I'm definitely female. 100%. And I always have been, so there.
3. I'm very tall indeed. This can be handy, generally for shelves and suchlike. Other physical observations to be conveniently ignored.
4. Don't call me English and don't discuss Northern Ireland with me. Those are my 2 don'ts!
5. I'm obsessed by things like history, role-playing and... whatever crosses my 3 second attention span.
6. My happy-clappy friending policy can be found here.
7. I'm not officially allowed caffeine. This is bad.
8. I translate stuff, occasionally for money. Enquire within!
9. Mine's a half, ta!
10. This is meant to be facetious. All of it. Especially the content, whenever I feel like posting some.

I have a My Spazz profile (but there's nowt there at the mo).

I definitely need more hugs...

give marjory more *HUGS*

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... and I am not above putting my Amazon Wishlist here. It's the longest one I've ever seen...

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None of those please. My views on them can be found here. I'm canonically too lazy to troll...

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